If you are experiencing mental health problems, it’s possible that you may have overlooked some of its initial symptoms. Most times, people hardly know what to do at first or how to ask for help when it comes to mental health initial symptoms until it becomes severe. However, it’s okay that you have decided to take the initiative to consult with a GP (general practitioner) on your mental health.

Booking an appointment is super easy, but you must be registered with a local practice before a meeting can be made possible. Most GPs aside from dealing with physical health challenges can help diagnose some of the initial symptoms associated with your mental health, and provide befitting counseling support. Albeit, if there are indications that it has become a severe case, they could then refer you for further treatment with a mental health professional.

There are different ways to book an appointment with our mental health professionals. And it could be by your GP immediately scheduling an appointment for you during your consultations, or while you are in surgery, you could book an appointment online with the appointment request letter given to you by your GP or put a call through to our office to schedule an appointment.

Our office lines are open Monday through Friday (8 am to 8 pm) and 8am-4pm on weekends and public holidays.  You are free to call in and book an appointment if you have an appointment request letter from a GP.

Mental health issues require as much attention as a physical health challenge if not more. That’s why every appointment booking made are treated with the utmost urgency. So be assured that once you put an appointment through, any of our team of mental health professionals will be talking to you real soon.

Often, patients feel comfortable coming in for consultations’ escorted by a close family member or friend, but it’s paramount we state that sessions with our mental health professionals are very private sessions, and as such you will go in for consultations alone.

Whatever your reservations in wanting to book an appointment concerning your mental health, you need to let it go because we’ve got you covered.