At Therapy Weekly, we believe that the best results attained are when a patient-centric and family-focused approach is used to tend to every patient. Over the years as we offer therapy, this has been the measure we employ, and the results have been beautifully remarkable.

Our patients don’t see us as a team of professionals just doing their jobs, but as people who genuinely and desperately care about their wellbeing. So with ease, they come to us feeling very much at home. Their ability to relax and trust us often goes a long way to hasten their response to treatment and overall recovery process.

We offer physical therapy, occupational, and speech therapy. And our services include pain management, amputee education, and training, Edema control, home management, community reintegration, swallowing disorders, communication and speech disorders, splinting, strengthening and endurance, muscle re-education, ambulation training, functional maintenance programs, activities of daily living, and useful range of motion.

We also have varying health care professionals offering services in consulting, physicians’ services, pharmacy services, home infusion services, medical & nutritional supply, and therapy services.

Irrespective of the unique mental struggle you have, we have professionals who can help proffer treatment by walking you through the healing process.

The effect of therapy services cannot be overemphasized; as we have seen patients who walked in for a session losing their composure suddenly get back their sense of worth and zeal to life after undergoing therapy. There’s no telling that some of the mental struggles you are possibly going through only need counseling to see you bubbling back to your old self again.

During our therapy services, our mental health professionals often delve to the root cause of mental or emotional issues and start to resolve challenges from there. Our approach to therapy is pretty simple: getting our patients to trust us first and every other thing falls in place.

We believe that every symptom experienced is as a result of an underlying cause, so during therapy, we dig deep; being aware that most of the symptoms will naturally phase off if the causative agent is discovered and resolved.

Opening up and allowing a mental health professional access to memories dug up or emotions that you prefer forever hidden is usually a big step during therapy sessions, as most of the baggage buried often appear as symptoms that affect your total mental health.

So therapy sessions are usually about getting you to relax and trust the mental health professional enough to access your past and pave way for a better future for you. The aftermath of therapy sessions is often a balanced and fulfilled general wellbeing.

You indeed should take a chance with this, for it’s going to be worth it!